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Operation Christmas Child

This year, we will be partnering with Bethany Christian School with the goal of packing 400 shoe boxes.



Cost of filling a shoe box:  $10 with  breakdown of $5.00 for the Wow item, $2.50 for pencil bag and content, $2.00 for  the hygiene bag

Cost for Shipping: $10.00 per box (plus credit card processing fee)


  • I have been quoted 2 prices for the shoe boxes:  one is $.67 from Samaritan’s Purse which will also have tax and shipping fees OR another source for $.55 with no tax or shipping fees.  The box has the same construction. We will be purchasing the latter.

  • Rubber bands and packing tape

  • We will have new “sticker tags” for on the box that identify who the box is for boy/girl and age.

  • Sharpies to draw the hand print and writing on the boxes. 

Needed supplies will be covered by another $1.00 per box.


Total Cost of a Box: $21.00

Projected Packing Party Date: November 1 @ 6:30pm

Collection Week: 11/12-11/20



There will be 2 ways to donate: 

  1. Go to our GIVE page and identify OCC as where you want the donation applied.

  2. Put a donation in the offering plate. 

    1. If it is a check, write OCC in the memo line.

    2. Place cash in the envelope in the pocket of the chair.


How can you physically help?

Put together hygiene bags once supplies are obtained. 

Here are a few key time periods when we will need to work together to get things done.

  1.  In September we will have our boxes. The handprint will need to be placed on the top of the box.

  2. Fabric for the sewing kits will need to be donated. Any size fabric will suffice with the largest piece being ¼ yard, but smaller pieces are welcome. We'll need to fold the fabric with the sewing kits and place them in another baggie. We can start collecting now to see what we will have. Stephanie C suggested that buttons can be included. They can be placed in medicine "bottles." Start saving them as we will need 200!

  3. Bethany School: Classes will file through the box station to fill their box. Students will have the option of donating money for their box as well as packing them. 

  4. For our Packing Party (partnering with Bethany Christian School) we will need drivers to help take items to the Drop Center. 

For more info email Joanne Hawes ( or

Irene George (

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