As disciples, we are called to serve others. Bethany Church has three initiatives where we serve our local communities. Many of our small groups and families participate in our community outreach events and we invite you to join us! Check out some of our outreach programs below.


70 to 80 homeless adults are right now hiking through the chaparral to the Lario park restrooms and tables where a hot meal awaits them every day. Every single day. And on most Tuesdays there is health care, hot showers, and whatever has been donated in the way of toiletries, clothes, blankets, etc.

One day a month, Bethany Church provides those meals. Since June 2019, the body of Christ at Bethany Church has provided over 1,400 meals for these homeless adults and we are continuing to do so. A very many Bethany Church folk have helped in prayer, finances, donations, service, and heavy lifting!

Our neighbors in the riverbed really do need:

·         socks

·         shoes

·         warm coats

·         warm clothes

·         blankets

·         water-tight tarps and tents.


NEW OR USED. USED IS FINE. Used is great, perfect, wonderful.


If you have any of these items to give, hang on to them and inform Denyse or Midge. For more info or to get involved through donation and/or volunteering contact Midge Crossan  or Denyse King.


Walter Hoving Home of Pasadena


The Walter Hoving Home is a non-profit, residential discipleship center serving women ages 18 and over who have struggled with drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, crime, and other life-controlling problems. The Home’s spiritually-based 6 or 12 month program is designed to bring long-term transformation in an atmosphere of safety, trust, support, and love. Bethany Church has adopted the Home as one of our regular service areas. We have donated books, given the ladies a “spa” day, invited them to sing at events here at church, and taken them into our hearts and prayers. We encourage everyone to join us in our outreach events to the Hoving Home. Contact us for more information on how to volunteer.

For more information about Hoving Home Pasadena click here.


We are beginning to gather contents for the Shoe Boxes in November. We are knitting beanies this year. If any of you have left over yarn from previous projects, please consider donating that to us. If anyone would like to help knit, that is welcome as well.  

Last year we had the privilege and joy of packing 337 boxes and collecting another 590 boxes as a Drop Center for children around the world. It is not too early to be praying for the ministry itself and especially for each child who will receive a box. The Lord knows who that will be even now and we want to ask for his or her salvation, safety, health, sustenance, a sense of being loved and protected in what may be for them a chaotic and uncertain world.

To participate, donate, or get more information, please contact Joanne Hawes  ( or Jennifer Heyer (​​