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The Healings of Jesus

What is our greatest need? Many times, we act as if what we need most is physical in nature. But Jesus, in this week’s text, thought otherwise. In Mark 2:1-17, Jesus healed a crippled man. As you read the story, you come face to face with three important things: (1) this man is crippled and believes his life to be diminished and Jesus was his only hope. (2) His four friends had faith that Jesus could heal. (3) Jesus shows that the most urgent need humans have is to be forgiven and made right with our Maker. Is this your understanding of your greatest need as a human being? If we had to choose between forgiveness and physical healing, I suspect many of us would opt for physical healing. Why is that? Part of the conflict for us is our belief that we are mostly and primarily physical beings; therefore we see our need as physical. Before Jesus healed the crippled man, He first spiritually healed him with forgiveness. That’s amazing, is it not?

So, according to Jesus our greatest healing is the healing of our hearts, the forgiveness of sins, and true freedom from the power of guilt. Jesus can heal our bodies, and He does. But He most wants to heal our souls. “Why is that?” you ask. Because until our souls are healed, we’re still aimless, crippled, and in danger.

I am so glad we can be healed in our hearts!

Pastor Briant



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