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Press in to Jesus

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Since Adam and Eve sinned against God in Eden, mankind has been carrying a load too heavy for Him! What we’re seeing in the gospel of Mark is Jesus fulfilling His mission of restoring mankind: He is our Healer, our Master, and Rest. He comforts and completes us. He is King and all the problems we face cannot match Him. His power is too strong for sickness, and His compassion overcomes all sin, rebellion, and ignorance. He loves us in the midst of our pain, in spite of our brokenness, and invites us to taste and see that He is good. His rest is true Rest. His peace is our anchor. Jesus stands in the midst of our broken lives, unashamed of us, ready to make wholeness out of brokenness. Do we realize that?

This week, Jesus wants to say, “I am in the midst of you. Don’t carry your load alone; lean on Me, press in!” Did you see how the people (v. 10) pressed in around Jesus? Are you carrying a load? Press in! Today Jesus still stands in the midst of His people. He takes their load upon Himself and offers physical, spiritual, and psychological relief from their heavy loads.

God is with us. He cared enough to send His only Son into the world, just to save us. His salvation is not only about our past, but our present.

Jesus longs to deliver you and take you deeper. Whatever the load you’re carrying, it's not too heavy for Jesus. He is in your midst. Let Him take over,

Pastor Briant



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