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What if what we think we know about Jesus is all wrong? What if we have over-complicated the Christian life where we don’t have to and simplified it where we should not? God is teaching me some life-changing lessons about the Christian life and one of these lessons is that the key to understanding Jesus begins with His Kingdom.

I am taking a break from Acts this Sunday because what God is saying here is urgent. In this passage (John 15:1-19) Jesus says we should not measure our lives by human standards, but rather by a faithful, fruitful life with God. According to Jesus, it all comes down to one word: “Abide!” This word is the key and the secret to the Christian life. So what does it mean to abide in Christ? 

It means (1) spending time in God’s presence (2) spending time with God’s people and (3) living from God’s life: taking God along with us. When we abide in Christ, we are living life the way Adam and Eve lived it, before sin entered the garden. When we abide with Christ, we will seek His Kingdom first, and God Himself promises to make our lives overflow with abundance!

Let’s abide with Jesus together this week!

Pastor Briant



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