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Jesus Stories - Part 2

God loves people. He changes people, making their lives what they were meant to be and no one is ever outside His reach. Put simply, the story of God is the story of changing people. Paul has already told Agrippa about his life before meeting Jesus (Acts 26:1-18) and now he tells Agrippa what has happened since he met Jesus. But here’s the thing: God did not just save Paul and let him stay the same.

As you listen to Paul, you hear him describe what God was doing in his life, what God kept doing. God is always working. What is God doing in your life right now? Paul was so tuned in. As he speaks and as Agrippa listens, the king is challenged by Paul to rethink his life. He is captivated by what Paul has to say. When we are growing in our faith walk, people pay attention to our story.

How has God changed your life? What were you like before you met Jesus and how does your life look since Jesus saved you? Can you tell the difference, can others?

Praying for more changed lives!

Pastor Briant



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