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Jesus Restores People

So, you’ve decided to follow this 30-year-old carpenter from Nazareth who claimed to be the Son of God. He has already been baptized to identify with you and tempted to help you overcome temptation. He says to you, “Follow me!” And as you begin to follow Him, you notice that He teaches with an authority that no one before Him has ever matched. As you listen to His words, you find yourself ready to believe He is the Messiah.

He heals the sick, speaks to evil spirits and they repel in fear of Him—they can’t stand up to Him. You know that this Jesus is special. But then He turns to you and asks, “Do you have any need?” Are you fully certain that whatever your needs are, He can handle it? Well, Jesus wants us to know that whatever our need, He is greater. What if the gift you need this Christmas—the gift Jesus wants to give you is to put you back together? Do you want to be restored? How badly do you want it? Will you let Him restore you?

I encourage you each day this week, to take 5 minutes to reflect on the question for each day found in the Next Steps and then respond as God leads you to! If you make time for Jesus, you will know that what He wants most for you is to restore you to the person He meant to create. Would you let Him?

Thank God for His restoring love!

Pastor Briant



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