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Desperate People (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We serve a God who knows how to rescue His people. Since the introduction of Covid-19, many people have been afraid and desperate. And God is ready for such moments. When we’re afraid, we can trust Him! He calmed raging seas with just three words. He healed people with unclean spirits. He is Lord over Nature as well as the Spiritual Realm. Now, in Mark 5:210-34, we’ll see Jesus restore hope to a desperate woman.

While He is teaching the people, a woman, sick for 12 years, interrupts Jesus on His way to Jairus’ house, whose daughter is sick. This woman is desperate. She reaches in and touches the hem of Jesus’ garment and is instantly healed. That’s just like Jesus. He knows just how to deliver and protect us.

In these times of desperation, we have an anchor in Jesus. Reach for Him!

Pastor Briant


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