Welcome to Bethany Church of Sierra Madre. We are a group of imperfect but redeemed people who strive to worship God authentically and experience His transformational life along with other believers. We seek to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with those searching for answers, perpective, peace and purpose.

I invite you to join us for our 9:30 worship service each Sunday morning. If you prefer a more informal setting, visit one of our Small Groups offered Sunday mornings at 11:00, Wednesday mornings at 9 AM and 7 PM and on Thursday mornings at 9 AM. You will experience friendship, support, and encouragement from people like you, seeking to find and know God. And the really good news is God wants to be found.

Another way you can get to know about Bethany Church is by attending our Gateway class that meets every Sunday morning at 11:00 in Room C243, upstairs of the Ministry Center. I teach you why Bethany exists, why we believe the Bible and how you can know Jesus personally. It would be my honor to meet with you if you have any questions about our church, how to become a follower of Jesus Christ or to find out what we offer you and your family. We also would like to pray with you if you are experiencing challenges in your life. Please call us at (626) 355­.1403 Ext. 1603.

Pastor Briant