Threatened but Not Intimidated

Imagine this: you’re so in love with Jesus that nothing anyone throws at you gets to you. In fact, you’re afraid of no one! Isn’t this the way we all want to live? Is it? The fact is that, for many of us, the fear of man is our calculus. We get scared first, and then we go to God. Think about it: we don’t like being hated, dumped on, or criticized. We want everyone to like us. Sometimes we’re too afraid to tell others what we really think about Jesus. 

Okay, this is where I have to ask: when was the last time you proceeded to do something that glorified God, despite what someone else said? Or what about refraining from saying something that you should have said in a given situation? It’s easy to let fear intimidate us, but what if we got filled with the Holy Spirit? Well, this week we meet some people (Acts 4:1-22) who were so filled with the Spirit and so in love with Jesus that they risked going to jail over it! Is that us?

The Bible describes this scene: Peter and John have just healed the crippled beggar and everyone is curious. “How did they do this miracle?” everyone was asking. Peter tells them that they did this miracle on account of Jesus of Nazareth and in the power of His resurrection. The religious rulers caught wind of it and were mad. “Stop teaching about this Jesus!” they insisted. But Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, replied (and I quote very loosely), “We cannot help but talk about Jesus!” (vs. 20) Where is this boldness today?

These men were on trial by a group equivalent to our Supreme Court and Congress put together. That would scare anyone of us. But not Peter. In fact, Peter turns the tables, showing them that it was they who were on trial before a more powerful court for killing the Lord of glory. (v. 10) If you’ve ever been threatened, intimidated, or harassed, this Sunday is your chance to gear up and take the fight to the opposition.

Seeking to be bold with you,
Pastor Briant


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