The Life

If someone were to make a movie of your life what genre would it be? Would it be a mystery, a work of fiction, a melodrama, a tragedy, or a thriller?

Every good film has three things: (1) a great story, (2) phenomenal actors, and (3) a great director. That’s what we’re going to see in Acts 6:1-15.

Everything about the Christian life revolves around action: God calls us to follow Him, to walk with Him, to seek Him, to serve Him, and to proclaim Him in the world. Nowhere are we told to stand by and watch. The Church is a movement, not an institution! Institutions die while movements never die. The Church cannot die and hell cannot prevail against it (Matt. 8:16). But what role are we called to play in this movement we call the Church?

Sometimes, we act like our role is to come on Sundays and hear a good message, but what if there is more to it than that? I would argue that there is far more to the Christian life than that. This week, we have a front row seat to what God wants His Church and His people to look like and to be like. Stephen lived it. He gave everything and got everything back! You say, “but he lost his life!” Just wait till you find out what he got in return. This raises the question: are we willing to do what God asks, in order to get what only God can give?

God is still working on your life story. It’s not too late to create good content for your story. Is God the one directing your life story or are you just playing it by ear?

Pastor Briant


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