The Handover

This is the final sermon in our series on Deuteronomy, The Journey! It’s been an exciting adventure in a book full of drama. We’ve been through the ups and downs of Israel’s tumultuous relationship with Yahweh. Moses sits them down for one final talk. Why? Moses is dying and this can’t wait!

Moses has reached the end of his journey. He has climbed his last mountain and fought his final battle. There’s nothing left to do, and nothing but the future occupies his mind. So what does he do? He blesses the people of God and hands them over to God’s grace! Moses knew that this was never about him. He was merely God’s vehicle. Moses tells Israel, “Behold your God!” You see, we often act like this life is about us, but Moses knew better. As he thought about Israel’s future, he felt compelled to bless them—he knew that only God could go the distance and that only God’s blessings could secure their future.

The God of Moses is the God of blessing. And here’s the deal: this is the God we believe in and worship! God wants to bless you. He waits on high (Isaiah 30:18) to be good to you. As Moses hands Israel over to be blessed by God, we must hand our lives over to be blessed by our Heavenly… Click To Tweet Can we do any better than God wants to do for us? Can we bless ourselves? Can we protect or secure ourselves from danger? Are we able to fill our lives with purpose? Hardly! Let’s hand over our lives to God, Bethany Church, and watch God get us into our Promised Land! He can’t wait to bless us.

Handing over our lives together,
Pastor Briant


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