The Gift of Joy

It’s happening! The joy of Christmas is coming to a heart near you! God is speaking to His creation. He longs for us to experience real joy. But we’re people on a schedule. We tend to like to plan our way through the seasons of life. But what if Christmas is not something to plan? What if the joy and magic of Christmas are due to a surprise?
It would not be unlike God to surprise us—He is a God of surprises, after all. Just ask Mary and Joseph: two poor Jewish kids facing down life as a newly engaged couple. Imagine their surprise that God was bringing the Messiah through their family? Think of the puzzle and shock of Joseph! I mean, that could not have been the way he wanted to spend his engagement party with Mary; his friends scowling under their breath, everyone thinking the worse. And imagine Mary! What must she have been thinking?
They could not have planned for something like this! But God, who loves to surprise us, would bring them the greatest joy: a joy expressed in Luke 1:46-55 that can hardly be described!  Christmas is God’s way of surprising us. It’s His pouring out of joy upon humanity! Click To Tweet But are we ready to be surprised or have we already made our plans? In this Sunday’s message, God reveals the ridiculous joy He came to bring us (Matthew 1:18-23) and begs us to make room in our hearts for it! Are you ready for joy?
Pastor Briant


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