The Gift of Forgiveness

Merry Christmas! All is forgiven. Did you hear that? God’s most radical gift is forgiveness! Everything we hope for this Christmas depends on how forgiven and loved we feel. We can’t have hope, joy, or peace without knowing we are forgiven and loved by our Father! 

This Christmas, God is speaking to you, “You are forgiven!” What a relief to hear that despite all we’ve done, we have been forgiven! That’s the great gift of Christmas—that’s the thing we need most in our lives is it not? Did you know there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less? Christmas is a take-down of all the lies we have told ourselves.

As we listen to the Christmas story (Luke 2:22-32) we find a man who was no doubt a man of faith because he was waiting for the “comfort of Israel!” In other words he was waiting for God to make things right. As he enters the temple, something amazing happens: the Spirit reveals to him that this is the moment all of history has waited for. He is suddenly renewed with hope, joy, and peace. Why? Because he knew he would be truly forgiven of all his sins.

That’s what Christmas is about. God has forgiven all of your sins! 
Merry Christmas! Let’s enjoy the Gift!

Pastor Briant 


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