The Fire Begins

What does a fire do? Fire burns, but fire can also renew. And God is like a fire. A fire that, when started, cannot be extinguished. That fire has a name: The Holy Spirit. And He wants to burn in and through us, the Church!

For all its imperfections and problems, the Church is a mighty force, capable of spreading a fire of unimaginable reach. We are God’s fire in the world. Yes, fire can be destructive when it is out of control, but the fire of God burns with a passion, not for destruction, but for the reconstruction of the world.

God sent the Holy Spirit to ignite in us a fire that lights up the world. Of this, Jesus said, “The gates of hell will not prevail!” (Matthew 16:18) But how does God keep this fire burning? He does so by bringing unlikely people together under the same Kingdom rule and giving them confidence by reminding them that Jesus Himself is praying for them, ensuring their ultimate victory.

In Acts 1:1-11, we see Jesus’ disciples being called and enlisted in a movement of change. How did God bring about that change? (1) By calling them together to seek the same kingdom priority and (2) by giving them heavenly confidence that Jesus is praying for them. They had unity and the promise of God’s presence with them as they went. The same is true today. God fuels the fire of the Church by uniting people to seek something greater than themselves as they depend on Him to see it through. The Church in Acts was on fire. They were burning hot with the Holy Spirit. So must we!

May God’s fire be ignited in us,
Pastor Briant


  1. My favorite study. Love The work of the Holy Spirit who unifies us and gives us that fire and passion to share the Kingdom of God.

    • Briant Cuffy (Author)

      Thanks Roberta! Let’s keep asking Him to fill and overflow us with Hinself. So glad you’re back with us!

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