The Coming

This Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series in the gospel of Matthew chapters 24-25 titled, “The Coming.”

Since the times of the apostles, followers of Jesus have expected His return. 2000 years later, many have forgotten Jesus’ own words that He would return like a thief in the night. Martin Luther expected Jesus to return in his time. He wrote, “I think the last day is not far away. The world runs and hastens so diligently to its end that it often occurs to me forcibly that the last day will break before we can completely turn the Holy Scriptures into German. For it is certain from the Holy Scriptures that we have no more temporal things to expect. All is done and fulfilled.”

All these centuries later, we who are alive on the earth should not ignore the signs, set to expire. Instead we should be living with lives burning brightly! In 1 John 3:3, we hear these words, “And every man that hath this hope in him purifies himself, even as he is pure.” The fact is, however, many of us are careless about the most important event that is left in the history of God’s calendar. If it is certain that Jesus will return, and if we don’t know the day or hour of his return, should we not be ready for his coming (2 Peter 3:4)?

God in his wisdom, set out to accomplish his purpose in history by sending his son into the world through a virgin birth in a manger . We call this Christmas. Jesus came to Bethlehem’s manger in order to come again for his people! Let that sink in. Jesus came to earth so that he might return for us. Click To Tweet Christmas should be a time of expectation. If we thought about why Jesus came in the first place, our view of Christmas would change. We would see Christmas not so much as a time of distraction, but one of preparation.

Essentially, Jesus came the first time in order to lay the groundwork for what was to come. So Christmas is not about my little tree and trivialities. There’s a bigger purpose. God came near to take us far. He became one of us to make us one of His. So as we ascend in Advent, this hopeful season before us, let us seek to redefine what Christmas is and why we celebrate it. Let us take this season, all of it, to prepare for the greatest event in history: the coming of Jesus!

The goal of this series is not to shock us with fear, but to turn us toward Christ. If we open our hearts, this Christmas can be the best Christmas we’ve ever had as Jesus takes his place, not in a manger but with a crown! The king is coming. He is coming to make things right. Even so come Lord Jesus!

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