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Special Projects

Every so often, situations come up locally or globally which we feel we must respond to. Whether a storm across the world, or a crisis that demands our attention, or a local wife who lost her husband through a massive heart attack, we try to respond to needs by first praying but also doing something. It's so easy to think, these problems are beyond us, that we are too small to respond. But with Jesus guiding us, we believe we can always make a difference, and we do. The results are always more amazing than we imagined!

In 2018 after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Dominica, Bethany Church sent Pastor Briant to his own people to share hope and extend love to those who were displaced and hurting from the effects of the storm. Over 50 people died and the toll on the island was incalculable. But we believe a little hope goes a long way. When Pastor Briant return to Dominica, he was overwhelmed by the destruction and the need it left behind: mothers who had no food to feed their kids, seniors who’d lost everything—people feeling hopeless. Pastor Briant was able to provide some help to over 50 families who had lost everything. Bethany Church also contributed to the reconstruction of the Grand Fond Baptist Church, where Pastor Briant first came to know Jesus. It was truly a labor of love.

Here is an update on how the funds that Bethany Church provided were used to help rebuild Grand Fond.

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