Something Is Missing

Have you ever sat there by yourself and asked, “What am I missing?” I mean, you have the job you’ve always wanted, the car, the girl or boy, the bank account, and even the right address, and still you can’t escape the feeling that something is missing. If you’ve ever felt this way, you are not alone.

This week (Acts 19:1-20), we’re going to learn about some disciples of Jesus who had not received the Holy Spirit. They knew about Jesus and were baptized by John’s baptism, but they were missing something. To make matters worse, they lived in Ephesus, a city full of idols, witchcraft, and all forms of evil. They were unable to experience the whole Christian life until Paul showed up with this question: “Have you received the Holy Spirit?” Can I ask that same question two thousand years later? Have you received the Holy Spirit? These disciples had been baptized into John’s baptism: they had repented of sins. But there’s more to the Christian life. God has so much more for His people. Did you know that when you became a Christian, God gave you the passport to eternal life? This is real life, abundant life. When you’re living God’s life, nothing is missing. That’s what God wants for us. But we live in a world of such evil, just as it was in Ephesus, and we struggle to see our true need. God wants to fill us with His Holy Spirit so that we experience the kingdom rule of Jesus and God’s power over evil in the world. Are you ready for what God wants to unleash in you?

May your answer be yes!
Pastor Briant


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