Sharing Jesus

Have you ever wanted to share something so badly that you could explode? Maybe a new love you’ve found, a new trick you’ve learned, or something that has impacted your life so deeply that everyone needs to know about it! I mean, you’re so overwhelmed, so overjoyed, so compelled that nothing could stop you! Well, for Paul, sharing Jesus was what that thing was.

I have a personal clue into this passion that Paul had. When I first met Jesus I was so delighted by Him; for the first time I had a new and unrestraint joy, this inscrutable sense of wellness, fullness, and aliveness—I could hardly express what I was feeling! For me, Jesus was the Summum Bonum—that ultimately good thing, and it was good. Nothing in my life had felt this amazing. Chains were gone, peace was found, my heart was set for singing, and nothing could subdue my new found hope. That hope compelled me. And it compelled Paul, too.

Does it compel you? In the text this week, (Acts 17:1-35) we see Paul’s eagerness to share Jesus to both Jews and Greeks. He was enflamed with passion for his Jewish brothers to know Christ and was simultaneously enraged at the idols whom the Greeks worshiped in vain. The Greeks were worshiping a thing made by human hands and not the Maker of all things whom Paul had recently encountered and the Jews ignored God. But for Paul, his life was so radically changed, that it changed what he lived for: he lived to know Jesus and make him known. Is there anything better, richer, or more life-affirming? What are you living for? 

Striving to know and share Jesus together with you,

Pastor Briant


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