Sent (Part 2)

The apostles and first disciples did not wait for favorable circumstances to share their faith…in fact they shared their faith as they were on the run. Persecution did not dissuade them. Over and over again in Acts, we have seen that the gospel tends to take root in unfavorable circumstances. God’s hand is strongest where the size of our need makes it impossible for us to trust in our own power.

Paul and Barnabas and their crew were kicked out of Iconium for preaching the gospel. They go to Lystra and preach the Word of God there. Many are saved after Paul heals a lame man. The people wanted to worship Paul and Barnabas, believing them to be gods. But Paul and Barnabas knew who the real God was. They were under no illusion that it was the One true God alone who did these signs and wonders. They did not take the credit.

These men (a) used their circumstances to proclaim God’s gospel and (b) they use their gifts to strengthen God’s people, not to promote themselves. Man, I want to be like Paul and Barnabas, don’t you? They saw themselves as God’s, never whining, complaining, or taking any credit, but instead doing life as unto God. That’s the way Christians are called to live: as unto God. That’s what God expects of those He sends out into the world. Any wonder why they turned their world Upside Down? That’s the pretext for revolution: make much of God and then watch God move. God wants to move, again!

Will we join Him?

Pastor Briant


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