Sent (Part 1)

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Is this all I was made for?” Well, that’s a question we’ve all asked. The reason we ask this is because, for the most part, we are all in hiding from God and therefore hiding from our best selves—our calling. You see, God has placed a calling on each Christian. He has sent us all. The calling is a sending.

I will never forget the day God called me to the ministry. In fact, it was not just a day, but a series of days. I was sitting in church listening to my pastor preach from the book of Acts, and something inside me woke up. My breathing intensified and my palms were sweating. “What’s happening to me?” I thought. After the service was over, I walked up to my pastor and told him what I had been feeling, not only during the service, but at other times earlier that week. He looked at me and said, “Briant, God is calling you!” “Calling me, for what?” I could not imagine why God would be calling me.  Me!? You, the Lord said.

Afterwards, I began my improbable journey. The rest of it is still unfolding. But lest you think, “Well that’s  great for you, Pastor Briant, but that’s not for me…” Well, you too are called. What I did not realize at the time was that the calling was not to ministry, but to a life with God. Then God sent me and kept on sending me to unlikely places. That’s what we’re seeing play out in Acts 13:1-50. It’s amazing. It’s dangerous. But ultimately, it’s worth it. God is calling and sending us. How will you answer God’s calling / sending?

Will we respond to the call into life with Jesus?
Pastor Briant


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