Prayer and Healing

God is able. We often hear people say that. But what is He is able to do? Can He give us back what was stolen by sin and Satan? Can He make a way in the wilderness? Can He give us a song in the night, in the midst of despair and doubt? Can God heal our broken and sick bodies? Can He raise the dead to life? Yes! A million times over. God is able.

If this is true, it means we now must rearrange our expectations of God. It means we must rethink all we’ve believed and thought about God. In Acts 9:32-43, we see two instances where God demonstrates with absolute certainty that He is able. In the first case (vv. 32-35), a paralyzed man walks again, and in the second, (vv. 36-43), a dead woman gets up from the dead! Can we not see the power of God here? He is able.

He did these things to show us that (1) the God of Jesus Christ is the true God, and that (2) when we pray, God actually responds. So is there something you’re trusting God for? I have some really good news: don’t stop praying! Not only can God do the impossible, He longs to. If we believe in the true God of the Bible, we should expect miracles, we should expect answered prayers, and we most certainly should expect that neither death nor the fear of death can stop the power of God.

So this week, let us raise our hands and worship our God: our God Who does wondrous things; our God Who longs to be more powerful than we have ever imagined.

God is able,
Pastor Briant


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