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Where is God when you need Him?

What do you make of Paul’s life? Here is a man who gave his every breath and every power in himself just to see Jesus glorified, and yet his life was one of suffering. What are we missing here? Why does a faithful servant of God come under so many trials, difficulties, and need?

Paul was run out of town by his own people, beaten to a pulse of his life, falsely accused and tried (this took 2 full years of his life) and then on his way to Rome to stand before Caesar, he was shipwrecked, hungry and cold, and to make matters worse, bitten by a venomous snake! Many would say, "That’s not a very abundant life." Is this the way you look at suffering too? When things break down in your life do you think you’re under a curse or do you believe, like Paul did, that God is good no matter what trial comes? This is something every Christian has to deal with.

If you are faced with some suffering today, first know that your Father in heaven loves you and is with you in whatever suffering you’re dealing with. But God wants you to know Him and to trust Him in your suffering. He wants to make you holy, deepen your faith, and use you to build His kingdom. Your suffering may be great, but remember this: God is greater! 

Pastor Briant



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