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When Jesus Calls Your Name

While in the midst of my angry teenage years, I often asked myself, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” Then, at the age of seventeen, Jesus shouted my name, and I came alive! Life was aimless until Jesus. In last Sunday’s message, we saw the crowds reaching for Jesus--many of them seeking wholeness and healing. Certainly some were there who were not seeking Jesus, but many were there in search of their meaning, and that is where Jesus met them.

He meets us in our broken, imperfect state and He calls us to our great purpose. He redefines our meaning by calling us His ambassadors and, unashamedly, He calls us His witnesses. That’s what He did in my life, and He seeks to do the same in all of His followers.

Becoming a Christian means that God, through Jesus, has done something truly astounding in us. Not only has He called us to a new kind of life, but we have a new leader. We go in His name, operate in His power, and seek His praise—we will therefore receive His rewards. 

So, have you heard and responded to Jesus’ call?

Pastor Briant



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