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The Uniqueness of Jesus

Everything about Jesus contradicts: His love for sinners, His power to physically and spiritually heal and to forgive sins. Jesus was surprising, and He still is. His uniqueness, His defiance of tradition, and His compassion for the broken said something about Him, something more than what meets the eye—this was God united with our struggle, familiar with our pain, and able to break the chains that held us. This is Messiah! But don’t tell that to the Pharisees of His day, or of our day. You see, it’s easy to entirely miss Jesus! In our text this week, the religious elite of the day certainly did. They expected a comfortable traditionalist, ready to play ball, and discovered a furious disturber of their order. It’s easy to read this and think that’s a First Century problem. This week, let’s evaluate ourselves and align our lives with Jesus, lest, like the Pharisees, we miss him. This is a new year. Let’s not miss Jesus through our rules, rights, and agendas. It’s easy to do. How do we avoid these tragic outcomes?

As we start again into a new year, we make resolutions and dream big. We also know how easily these dreams turn to the same old things of the past year. This year can be different. This year, instead of trying to follow some rule, let’s follow Jesus. It’s that easy. How? Spent time with Him, watch for how He is working and join Him, look deeper into God’s Word, let Him search your heart and motives, go hard after His heart, and say “yes” when He calls. If you do this, Jesus will bring His kingdom to your life.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Briant


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Denyse Montes-King
Denyse Montes-King
Jan 04, 2020

I am so in agreement with you beloved. May our love for Him continue to bloom like a rose!!!

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