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The Power of the Gospel

Paul is about to go on trial, so what does he do? He burns some bridges! Paul does not want to play the game of offering platitudes or even logical arguments in his defense. Instead, he gives a full-throated defense of the Gospel and not necessarily of himself.

What Paul is saying here (Acts 24:1-27) is that the Gospel, not Paul, what is really on trial. He reveals two things about the Gospel that are relevant for us today: First, the Gospel is God’s standard for living, how wrongs are made right, and (2) the Gospel is the basis for God’s righteous judgment of all matters. Paul shows that the Gospel has so much power, that he was willing to hang his life on it.

Have you experienced this power Paul describes? If the Gospel has so much power, where is this power today in the lives of God’s people? Is it possible we’re not living in the Gospel’s power? Finally, what difference would it make if we were? Here’s a clue: the world would tremble because we too have also trembled at it. Why? Because the Gospel is the power of God to save, heal, and restore everything!



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