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Preparing the Way

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz over Kanye West's conversion to Christianity and his new album Jesus Is King. I've prayed that he would know Jesus fully and not some hyped up version of Jesus not found in Scripture. I truly pray this is real for Kanye. The fact is Jesus is king over us all, the believing and unbelieving, because one day every knee will bow to Him. 

At the conclusion of our series in Acts, I made the point that the reason Paul and the disciples so fearlessly followed Jesus was because they knew who He was: He was the King! For the next several weeks, we are going to explore what it means that Jesus is king. I am praying for Bethany Church that we know our king and watch His message and kingdom radically reshape our lives forever.

Before there was time, there was a king. Before the worlds existed, there was a king in heaven ruling in undisturbed majesty. Before the planets took their place in orbit and before the seasons knew to change, there was a King of Kings depicted in Daniel 7:9-10 as the Ancient of Days, and the Son of Man (Daniel 7:13-14) and this king not only rules the universe (John 1:3 c.f. Colossians 1:16) but He created it. Then we hear: “And the word was made flesh!” And he made his dwelling among us!” (John 1:14) So when Mark opens up his gospel, he skips over the birth of Jesus and shows us instead the origins of Jesus the King of kings. 

Jesus is king! And he is calling us to see Him and treat him as our king! Let's get started!

Pastor Briant



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