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Kingdom Seeds

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

In last Sunday’s message, we took a look at four kinds of soils. You remember that I said the soils represented believers? One of the reasons we know this is true is because, after teaching this first parable (4:1-20), Jesus not only interpreted it to His disciples, but here (4:21-34) He gives the alternative—that as kingdom people, we are to display God’s kingdom life by shining (4:21-25), by planting (4:26-29), and by expanding (4:30-32). So, these parables we’re looking at today are built upon the first parable: they flow from the same stream. Its teaching is for “Those who have ears to hear,” which means believers (Matthew 13:38). Remember, Jesus is teaching about the kingdom. These parables are meant to explain what kingdom life should look like. In the kingdom of God, His people exist to represent, and explain Him to others.

So what we’re seeing is that God is the King in His kingdom, and we are His messengers. Let’s put it this way: we are God’s workers. We work for Him. That should change the way we sow, don’t you think? It should also change what we sow. This week, allow God to sow good seeds through your life. It is up to Him to do what He desires. Your job is to sow. His job is to multiply. It makes sowing easier when we know it’s not our job to grow the seeds, it’s only our job to plant seeds.

Let’s sow,

Pastor Briant



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