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Jesus: The Chain Breaker

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Jesus and His disciples had just crossed over to the Eastern side of the Sea of Galilee after surviving the threatening storm where He revealed His divine identity. His disciples had finally seen Jesus as the Lord over nature—now they’re going to see Him as the Chain Breaker! They stepped off the boat and what do they have? A man living in chains! Scripture tells us that as He stepped off the boat, “There met him out of the tombs, a man with an unclean spirit” (v. 2).

So Jesus takes His disciples through a perilous storm to get to a man chained by Satan, but who will be unshackled by the Chain Breaker! What is Mark trying to tell us? Jesus rules not only over nature, but over the spiritual world, and He desires to set people free! This week, Jesus wants to break the chains in our lives!

Jesus has control over everything that that seeks to control us. So how do we activate this great power of Jesus over our chains? By submitting our bodies, minds, and souls to Him! When this happens, we’re able to live free.

Let us seek this out together,

Pastor Briant



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