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Jesus, Our Rescuer

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Jesus is our rescuer. Why do we need one? Well, we've got problems. In this second sermon on The King, we're seeing that as King, Jesus is not content to wait and see what happens to us. Mark 1:9-20 gives us a picture of our Servant-King. What does He do? First, Jesus identifies with us by being baptized and (2) He endures temptation for us to reveal both His power over sin and how we, too, can overcome as we walk with Him.

The idea of living the victorious Christian life without following the King is like saying, "I am going skydiving without a parachute." Something bad will happen. Instead, Jesus calls us to identify ourselves primarily as kingdom people with a heavenly ambition, and then to follow Him in His mission. 

Because we have a Savior who can identify with us in our struggles, (Hebrews 4:16 Ephesians 3:12) we are invited to come boldly before Him. Did you hear that? Boldly! We have access to our rescuer. Jesus is not far from us. Satan wants us to believe that our identity depends on things. If that's the case, we're easy targets. Jesus says our identity rests with Him and His purpose for us. Jesus comes to rescue you by telling you who you are and what you need. May we listen to Him,

Pastor Briant



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