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Jesus in the Storm

This coming Sunday, as we continue our series Jesus the King, I will be preaching on Mark 4:35-41. Jesus’ disciples (now apostles) had already seen His power on display—He had healed the man with the withered hand, healed a paralytic, cast out devils, forgiven sins, and restored broken hearts, establishing His kingdom on earth. They had every reason to trust Him. After teaching them that they were His lights and seeds in the world, ambassadors tasked with taking His kingdom message forward, they entered a boat together.

What the disciples didn’t know was that they were headed into a storm! Question: did Jesus know this storm was coming? Why did He risk taking this journey? Jesus wanted them to know who He is, as if they’d missed it all along. Why, you might ask? The disciples had to know that being with Jesus did not mean that trouble would not reach them, and yet being with Jesus was the safest place on earth. But that’s not the main point. It’s all about who Jesus is!

Sometimes when we only want to know how we get delivered from our storms, we miss what Jesus wants to teach us about Himself: the "I Am" is with you! So often we come to Jesus not to know who He is but how He will deliver us. Jesus delivers from all sorts of things, but this text will reveal something far better: Jesus is with us!

Captivated by the King,

Pastor Briant



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