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Jesus Anywhere

Paul finally arrives in Rome, whew! What a tumultuous two years he’s had: what a life. The say that Paul’s life has been marked by ups and downs is to understate the situation. We saw last Sunday that after two years spent awaiting trial in Caesarea and after two weeks on the high seas being shipwrecked, hungry, cold and beaten by a viper, Paul reaches Rome. What endurance! He has been through all this for what? For the chance to proclaim Jesus and the good news of the gospel in Rome. 

In Acts 28:11-16 we find out two things about Jesus and the gospel: (1) the gospel of Jesus spreads like wildfire and (2) Jesus goes with His ambassadors as they proclaim the good news. When Paul arrived in Italy, it says, “He found some brothers there!” How did they hear about Jesus? Well, we don’t know but the good news had spread to Rome, even before Paul arrived there. What this tells me is that God is ahead of the game. When we commit ourselves to His cause, He paves the way for us. 

God is ahead of the game. Will you join Him in His work?

Pastor Briant



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