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Acts of God Today

Paul has finally arrived in Rome and is about to testify of Jesus before the Jewish leaders there. For the last forty-five Sundays we have been looking at the book of Acts and in particular how the Early Church turned their world Upside Down. And now we ask: can God do it again? The answer is yes!

But as we’re about to see, it will take the same kind of commitment from us to do in our time, what God did then through His people. Now, it’s very easy to miss the fact that this was not about Peter or Paul, or Stephen or Phillip, or any one individual, but about a man whose kingdom arrived in such power that it compelled men and women to give up their best dreams for the sake of something greater!

This Jesus still compels men and women today. If we let Him, He will change our lives! But do you want this? All we need to do is say yes to Jesus. Your life is about to change if you are willing to allow to God to act out His plans through you.

How exciting!

Pastor Briant



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