On the Road with Jesus

What do we mean when we say that we are followers of Jesus? It means we’re on the road with Him, hitting the streets with Him, and journeying together. It means that we’re making stops with Him and doing what He does.

I remember when it first hit me that I was supposed to be different. I had just given my life to Jesus and was trying to figure out what that all meant. While waiting for the bus one afternoon, some friends thought it would be a good idea to break into Windsor Park to see a game of cricket between Windwards Islands and Trinidad for free. Now remember, cricket is my favorite sport. But even as I stood there, and despite my urge to see the game, I could not enter it. Something in me said, “Jesus would not be doing this.” I knew immediately that in that moment, walking away meant following Jesus. In this Sunday’s message (Acts 8:26-40), we’re going to see Philip on the road with Jesus simply following Him.

Every step with Jesus inspires us to be like Him. We see Him going after people. We see Him open His mouth and speak God’s Word. We see Him doing life with gusto.

Christianity is not a spectator’s game. It’s an imitation game–it’s about watching Jesus and doing what He does. So, are you on the road with Jesus? Are are you living the way that Jesus did?

Let’s get on the road with Jesus,
Pastor Briant


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