No Turning Back

I’ve been forced this week to ask myself a very scary question: “Under the pressure of persecution, how long would it take for me to deny Jesus?”

Would the threat of death, imprisonment, or harassment make me shut up? Peter was all too familiar with the high cost of betrayal. (Luke 22:54-62) Who can forget how he, terrified for his life, hid from Jesus at His trial and death?! But he is no longer threatened by man. He has found a cause greater than his life. Is Jesus that greater cause to you?

In the text this week (Acts 5:17-42), we see Peter and John planting a flag, drawing a line in the sand—they said, “We can’t turn back!” The Sanhedrin council are terrified of them. These Apostles must be stopped: blind men see, signs are happening, and people are turning to Jesus; it’s time to up the ante. But would it work? Does it work today in our society to be silent where Jesus has spoken clearly, or say what is expedient? Every Christian generation has its call to action, and this is ours! Will we rise up and proclaim Jesus publicly as our Lord?

Let us never look back!
Pastor Briant


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