Life with God

I love the grace of God! I love the way God shows us His goodness! God is so good! Here’s some really good news: the God of Moses, the God of Jesus is also our God. God loves His people and He wants to overcome us with His goodness.

That’s what Moses tells Israel in this Sunday’s message (Deuteronomy 29:1-13 and 30: 1-12). A God like that has to be wanted. Do we want Him? What other God chooses to enter into covenant with people who break covenants repeatedly, and yet He loves them? What other God listens to His people when they pray, and answers them? What other God forgives sinners, loves them, and invites them back to Himself, never counting their sins against them? Only our God!

When I am honest with myself, I have to admit that I have not been good to God, but God is always good to me! He knows my faults, sees my flaws, and loves to love me anyway. Paul tells us, “there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ” (Romans 8:1). Christ makes people free. He does not hold stuff against us. Are you looking for freedom? Jesus invites us all to experience His grace and to find forgiveness in His unconditional covenant of love, grace, and forgiveness.

But here’s the thing: we can get used to it. We can take it all for granted. Let us embrace the God who has embraced us. Let us return to Him the lives that we have been given. God is calling us to live with Him, to come closer, and to be restored in His presence.

Seeking to live fully with God,
Pastor Briant


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