Jesus Is for Ephesus

Paul was a man with a mission. No matter what life brought him, he found a way to look to Jesus. This Sunday (Acts 18:18-28), we’re going to see Paul cover many miles and face dangers, simply for the joy of sharing Jesus.

He was an ambassador of the gospel, and that’s also our jobs. What do we see Paul doing in all these places where he travels? (1) Telling Jews about Jesus and (2) encouraging new Christians. Then, when Paul returns to Antioch where he started this journey for the gospel, Apollos arrives (v. 24), and although he has some limitations, he, too, goes on to proclaim Jesus in Ephesus, teaching and showing that Jesus is the answer. For these men, especially for Paul Jesus was worth suffering for (Acts 20:22-23); he would even boasted in his suffering (2 Timothy 1:11-12). Paul was willing to endure anything (2 Timothy 2:10) if it brought glory to Jesus in the salvation of sinners. What made men like Paul and Apollos so eager to publicly claim Jesus, even if it caused pain, scorn, or loss? I believe their experience with Jesus convinced them that everything in life came down to Jesus. What about us? What is our life mission? What role does Jesus play in it?

On mission with you,
Pastor Briant


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