Are you tired of the ordinary life? Are you looking to make a difference—to find your purpose and impact the course of history? Then join the revolution!

And you are not alone. In Acts, we find a group of men and women seeking nothing but Jesus Christ and His kingdom! The first church was born from this passion. When people take God at His word, revolution begins. But this was not any revolution; it was a takeover of the regular order—the common life. It was a momentous ground-shift in human history. Have you encountered the church? I am not talking about some building in some Any City USA but the people of God, recklessly pursuing a crucified and risen Savior! The Book of Acts is the greatest example that, when people chase after God, God chases away their fears and inhibitions. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Is there more to life than what I am living?” then this series of messages is for you! In this series, we’re going to learn about a movement that swept the Roman Empire with a fire that could not be contained. That fire can still light up our city. It can restore lost hope. It can shatter all illusions. It can restore broken lives and failing marriages. It can turn the world Upside Down! So are you ready for the unexpected, unfiltered, unsettling and unconfined power of God at Bethany Church? 

I’m praying we are ready!
Pastor Briant


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