Hope for the Next Generation

Time’s up! Those are the words that Moses heard from God (Deuteronomy 31) just before the people of Israel were to cross into the Promised Land. Imagine what Moses might have thought and felt—I mean he had led Israel all these years! Imagine a coach that leads his team to the championship game and then general manager firing him just before the Super Bowl! That sounds terribly unfair, right? But in this case, God moves on His sovereign time table and not ours.

Moses trusted in God’s providence and did as God commanded him. He stood before the people and told them, “God said my time is up!” But he did not leave it there. He assured them that God, not himself, was their true leader. Moses, like every man, surely had an ego, but he chose to look beyond his ego. Moses realized that this was bigger than himself. This was about the future of God’s people.

So Moses, knowing what God was up to, looked to Joshua to lead Israel the rest of the Journey. He told Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. God will not let you down!” When you read this passage, it becomes clear that Moses knew something about God that made it easy for him to accept the inevitable. (1) He knew every leader has to hang it up at some point. (2) He trusted God above his personal plans or agenda. (3) He knew that God is a God of the future—He is always preparing and planning the way for the next generation of His followers.

Why is this so important? Well, for starters, God wants to offer hope to the world. Every generation looks for hope and only God can provide it. But how does He do it? The answer: by the witness of those living for Him now! This is a seismic truth. We are here for now and for the future. We are not here just for ourselves; we are here for the hope of future generations! Click To TweetThat’s the main lesson Moses teaches us. So do our lives reflect hope? Do they pave the way for future generations?

Let’s send some hope to the future!

Pastor Briant


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