Has Your Idol Met Jesus?

Paul was an idol destroyer. Wherever he went preaching the Gospel, idols came tumbling down. After confronting the idol Artemis, the so-called goddess of the Ephesians, people turned from idolatry to worship the Living God: they burned their evil books and got serious about Jesus. What a change of direction!

When we come to Jesus, we must lay down our idols. But there will be push back (vv. 21-27). Now, while idols have no power in and of themselves, they are Satan’s way of controlling people. Satan wants worship. When we are controlled by idols, whether money, sex, power, politics, or anything else, we give control of our lives over to Satan! And for the Christian, there must be no rival to Jesus: the One who saved us.

As Paul said, “gods made with hands are not gods!” (v. 26) These idols have eyes but can’t see, mouths but can’t speak, legs but can’t walk. They are nothing, yet so often we give them power over our lives. The truth is this: idols exist where Jesus is not Lord. If Jesus is Lord over us, there will be no room for idols.

But we humans love idols; we love substitutes. Why is that? I believe it’s because we feel as if God does not love us, so we take our happiness into our own hands. But Jesus alone knows what it takes to fill us. After all, it was He who made us (Acts 17:28). Translation: we were made to run on Jesus. 

This week, let us focus on Jesus (1 Timothy 6:13-15; Philippians 2:9-11). He is altogether lovely, worthy, and powerful to meet our needs. Have you turned over your idols to Jesus?

Praying for you,
Pastor Briant


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