Going All In

“How badly do you want it?” That’s the question that Pastor Andrew’s old wrestling coach used to ask his team when they would complain about practice being difficult. And that’s the question God was asking me very early in my Christian life when I prayed, “Lord, I want to know you!” It was then when I first began to notice something about God: He likes it when His people go all in! He never asks us for partial commitment, partial love, or partial worship. He wants it all!

Don’t we all struggle with that? We find “going all in” difficult for two main reasons. First, exclusivity is not natural for us. It threatens our sense of identity when God calls us to give Him everything. Why? We like options and the apparent freedom that they afford. Second, whenever we’re asked for everything from God, we feel like we’re losing something—mainly, our rights. And God knows this. Yet He asks us to give up everything so that He can do something radical in us and for us! That’s what we see in this Sunday’s message (Deuteronomy 27:1-19), where Moses calls on Israel to give God everything.

God asks for their tithes, their worship, and their lives. He tells them to do the following: (1) to glorify Him and (2) to see the world respond to His love. One might ask, “How will my giving God everything result in God’s glory and the salvation of sinners?” We might never know the answer until we go all in with God. But going all in has consequences. Your life will never be the same! Something in you will die. But here’s the good news: something new in you will spring up like a tree planted by rivers of water!

Will you risk going all in with God? Click To Tweet God is asking us to do something impossible—something none of us will naturally volunteer to do, and yet that very thing is what will set our lives apart, give us new courage to live, and set us up for true abundant life. The question is, “How badly do we want it?”

Going all in with you,

Pastor Briant


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