God Stories (Part 2)

God has a radical reason for writing our story: He wants to set our lives apart! He wants to make a blockbuster of our lives! But what is our role? It is to come into alignment with our prodigal Father who wants our lives to overflow with blessings. But these blessings do not come without faithfulness. Faithfulness is choosing to be true to God in spite of obstacles, temptations, or our feelings. In last Sunday’s sermon, Moses told Israel that in order to live the story God has written for them, they must know God’s Word and love the God of the Word!

If they failed to do these things, they would experience twelve curses—which are the natural consequences of sin. But in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 God promises the opposite. He says that His blessings would overtake them (V.2). He pronounces blessings (or happiness) over every conceivable aspect of their lives. As you read these verses, ask yourself this question: “If the blessings of God depend on my faithfulness, am I not compelled to be faithful to Him?” If your doctor diagnoses the cause of a health problem and then prescribes the medication that will heal you, would you not take it?

What God is saying to Israel is that before He can trust them with His blessings, they must meet His conditions. Once these conditions are met (V.1) Moses tells them (V.2) it will be worth it! He says, “God’s blessings will overtake you!” In verses 3-14 God promises them influence in the city, productive lives,  safety, blessed investments, and that, “They will be the head, not the tail!” (V.13) This is also true of every believer. With this much on the line, no wonder Satan seeks to destroy our stories! If we believed our lives have such importance, we would do whatever it takes to make them count! Click To Tweet God is telling us here that faithfulness is the key. But will we believe what God says?

Seeking to be faithful with you,

Pastor Briant


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