God Stories (Part 1)

I love stories. When I was a child, I remember my grandfather would tell stories of times past. From the vantage of my teenager years, these stories were exciting and riveting to listen to. In fact, I learned about my heritage from these stories: things like what my fore-fathers did—the battles they fought, those who they loved, the lessons and wisdom they passed on. As I look back over my childhood, I realize now how powerful these stories were in forming my sense of identity—my sense of where I came from and what it all meant. In the same way, God is telling Israel a story of who they are because of Him (Deuteronomy 27:1-26).

In the story, which narrates Israel’s past, present, and future, God tells them two main things: (1) their story is written in letters to be known by them (vv. 1-8) and (2) their story is about God Himself: what He has done for them and what their response should be (vv. 9-26). When you read this passage, you come face to face with the fact that in this story, there is a loving, awesome God who never stops loving Israel no matter what. Isn’t that the kind of God we’re all looking for: a God who never stops loving? Click To Tweet

Moses also tells them that such a God will always call them to higher, better, and greater things than what they are living for. He tells them the life they are living is not meant for them—He had greater things in store. The lesson God is teaching us here is that He is a God of story! He is a God who makes our lives great so that we might make His name great through our stories. How amazing is it that, as fallen people, we get to be the storytellers of an awesome God! So, if we desire to live a storied life, we might want to ask ourselves: (1) do we know our God story? And (2)  Do we know the God of our story? Where do we even begin?

That’s what we will discover together this Sunday,

Pastor Briant


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