What is it about us humans that make us crave relationship? We all seek it. We can’t live well without healthy, thriving, genuine relationships. Why is that?

First, God has made us with a capacity to relate with one another, a process from which we gain meaning and the potential for thriving. But second, it’s God’s way of redeeming the world to Himself. Do we see that we can’t thrive without relationships, nor can we win others without them? Do you see why this is crucial? God in His wisdom has given us a plan for how to become rooted to achieve the lives we seek. He does not have a plan B! We can either pursue His plan for success in life or ignore it to our dissatisfaction.

In Acts 2:42-47, we see the early Church living out this vision. We see them embracing God’s vision for them by pursuing genuine friendship with each other. Then watch what happened: great awe came upon all the people (v. 43) and God grew them rapidly (v. 57). Can you see the connection between their pursuing God’s vision and the growth they experienced? They work together.

God has designed the Christian life is such a way that we can’t do it alone. It’s like a relay; no one does it by himself no matter how good or fast they might be. God seeks to develop in us a vision which embraces genuine relationships that give us our best chance to live the lives for which we were made.

Shall we pursue that life together?
Pastor Briant 

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