Demolition Derby

In this week’s message, we’ll see that God brings in a demolition crew! It’s time to bring down some walls! By now (Acts 10:1-33), things have settled down a bit. Saul, the persecutor, has joined the team under his new name: Paul. Peter is at the forefront of the first Jesus movement, but walls still remain…

What kind of walls you might ask? Walls that are keeping God’s redeemed people from different tribes and nations apart still exist. But God has a plan, and Peter is His chosen instrument to reconcile God’s people by tearing down those walls. Now Jew and Gentile, privileged and poor, will sit at the same table for the very first time! That is good news. 

The walls came down! But did you notice why? It was through the prayers of a Gentile seeker, Cornelius! While Peter conducted the formal act of reconciling divided people, it was initially prayer that brought them together. What’s the point? Prayer ought to be the subtext in all of Christian living.

Seeking to follow our Upside-Down God with you,
Pastor Briant


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