The Danger-Maker

How do you respond when I say that God is dangerous? Does it shock, or even threaten you? Do you think, “That’s not the God I’ve become used to”? Could it be that we’ve become much too familiar with God to see Him as He really is?

Don’t get me wrong: the God of Christianity is a “with us” God. He is also transcendent, holy, and ineffable. He is dangerous! So what does it mean that God is dangerous? It means that when we think of God as He should be thought of, we become keenly aware that God is infinitely worthy of everything we can offer Him in a million lifetimes. He also deserves to challenge, invade, and even threaten our safety or anything keeping us from knowing Him, so that we can truly know life! So ‘dangerous’ here is not a negative; it’s a positive. It affirms our worth.

Think of it: what better affirmation is there than to be sought after? But God does not only seek us, He is also willing to undo us so that we can have Him. What do you make of a God who is dangerous enough to “spare not His own Son, but deliver Him up for us all?” (Romans 8:32) When I think of it, I am saddened at the life I’ve lived: my sins, my failures, and even my apathy, which leads me to make God into something manageable and comfortable.

If I hear Stephen correctly (Acts 7:1-53), he is inviting us to cut our losses and chase after the One who chases us! This fills me with infinite joy! It also threatens the life I want to live, where I’m in control. But is that life really worth living? God is calling us to embrace His dangerous nature, to run with the wild horses.

Running with you,
Pastor Briant


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