• Some of you will remember Kathryn Hayter, who worked in the Church Office for 15 years. She was the Pastor’s secretary, and John Wells’ (worship pastor) assistant. She had been struggling with cancer for the last few years. Kathryn passed away Tuesday morning, Feb. 20 from sepsis, a life-threatening infection in her blood system. Kathryn and Harry have been living with their daughter, Ingrid. If you would like to send a card, the address is: 2644 Tuscarora Court, West Melbourne, FL 32904. There is no word yet on services, but they will probably be in Florida. We will let you know if they decide to have a local service. Please keep Harry and the girls and their families in your prayers. Sigrid is getting married in a few weeks, so this will be particularly hard on them all. Pray for peace and comfort, knowing that Kathryn is no longer in pain, and that she is singing praises in the presence of her beloved Savior!
  • John Taylorson is recovering from the surgery. He has started physical therapy. The post-op MRI came through with positive initial feedback. They will get more details when they see the neuro surgeon. He has been transferred to a rehab room. His left peripheral vision is gradually coming back. John’s brain is scrambling the words he sees. He recognizes letters, but when sees a whole word, he says, “It’s like looking at Russian.” He will have to relearn how to read. Please pray for complete healing from the cancer and complete restoration of vision. Pray also that the upcoming immunotherapy will destroy the cancer. You can keep up with his blog at heyjt.com/OurAdventure.
  • Please continue to pray for Lee Kinstel and the family on the passing of their beloved Burt. Pray for peace and comfort as they adjust to this new season of life.
  • Please keep in prayer:
    – Dennis George ( recovering from motorcycle accident)
    – Dean Rowley (Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
    – Please pray for Mike Smith. He is unable to start therapy because his condition has not improved. Please pray for the Lord to heal him and that he can begin therapy as soon as possible.
    – Caitie Velat (cancer) – Caitie’s last chemo treatment is in early March. Please pray for complete eradication of the cancer.
  • Please pray for those in our Bethany family who are struggling with illness or financial difficulties.