Sunday mornings at 11am we gather together in the Underground to connect to God in His word and connect with each other in small groups.  These mornings are crucial moments of pause to learn and reflect on all that God is doing in our lives.


Hilltop Wednesdays is where we have our larger gathering filled with food, games, music, videos, dramas, worship, small groups and a Biblical message. Our primary goal is to allow Jr High & Sr High students to live in a deeper community that’s focused on God, creating an environment where they would hear and accept the truth that is Christ.  We also split up into small discussion groups during the night to encourage deeper growth, trust and accountability with each other and their leaders.  We meet in the Ministry Center from 6-7pm for the meal and then move to the youth room in the subfloor of the sanctuary. All students are welcomed to join, grow, celebrate, live, love and seek our LORD together as we go through this journey God has before us.


We are committed to being salt and light to the world.  Every 2nd Saturday of the month we go to the William-Mead Projects to distribute food donations, deliver food to disabled individuals, help with chores and beautify the neighborhood by picking up trash.  These Saturdays are amazing reminders of Christ love and His command to love the world.

We want to hang out with you! Whether it's on a Wednesday night or after school over a cup of coffee, let's get together! Hit us up here to connect with us!

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