Pentecost: The Arrival

Something is afoot, God is afoot, and your life will never be the same! That’s what the arrival of the Holy Spirit meant for the first Christians and it means the same for us today! God was about to introduce something so radical and staggering that we have not begun to grasp it.

God is now IN us! Yes! The same God Who is so infinite that the whole universe cannot contain Him is in us! That’s what God is telling us, and He invites us to believe Him. If we do, nothing will ever be the same.

Do you want to experience what it’s like to have God take full control of your life? Does that scare you? Well it should because what you currently call your life will be no more! This is radical and good and we should want it. So do we? 

What would it look like if you were living into all that you were made for? What if you were so filled with the Spirit that your life was evidence of God’s awesomeness? People could look at you and say, “Here is Jesus in my neighborhood!” That’s what the Church is: Jesus in the neighborhood! We have believed God for far too little and have cheated ourselves of our purpose. We are more powerful than we know. Are we willing to risk everything to find out?

Let’s find out this Sunday!
Pastor Briant


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