Boldness in a United Vision

What do you think about when you think of the church? Is it a place where we go to hear a sermon or listen to a few songs? Or is it the place where God meets us, grows us, and then launches us into His glorious life?

When Jesus birthed the Church at Pentecost (Acts 2), He meant for it to be a place where the Holy Spirit in His people inspired them to divine action. What do I mean? Well, God gave us a place to gather so that we can gather His lost humanity. If you think of it, the Church is not about you or I, it’s for those who don’t yet know Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, the Church is for all people—including its members, but God’s vision is to use His called-out people to call the whole world to Himself. The Church is God’s base on earth! If Church works the way Jesus intended, we would be: (1) people who are praying with each other in order to strengthen the Body and (2) people seeking diligently to invite others to join us in seeing God glorify Himself in the salvation of our friends and neighbors.

Where do we see this first? Well, that’s what is happening in Acts 4:23-37! The Church, Christ’s Body, was united in prayer and they grew because of their unity. The question they kept asking was: “How can we pray for each other so that we all can be strengthened to proclaim Jesus boldly to our friends and neighbors?” That’s Jesus’ vision. What’s your vision?

Will you pray with me that God makes us that church?

Pastor Briant


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