This Week

Monday: God is jealous because He alone is God (Exodus 34:14, Psalm 135:4, Deuteronomy 4:23-24)

Tuesday: Idols cannot save us only God can (Deuteronomy 4:28, Jeremiah 11:12, Acts 4:12)

Wednesday: Can God be trusted to meet all of our needs? (Matthew 6:31-33, Philippians 4:19, Psalm 84:11-12, Matthew 7:11)

Thursday: Idols contaminate our lives (Deuteronomy 4:16, 1 Samuel 15:23, Job 4:8)

Friday: God understands our need for mercy, that we are human (Deuteronomy 4:30-31, Psalm 86:5, Ephesians 2:4-7)

Saturday: God has provided us the perfect solution: Jesus is the end of idolatry (John 1:1-14, John 10:30, Hebrews 4:15-17)

Next Week

Our God is an awesome God! He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love. Our God is an awesome God!” These are the words to a well-known song by Rich Mullins. But what does that mean? Have you stopped to ask yourself, “What does it mean that God is awesome?” Frankly, the word has lost its meaning. In our modern lingo, “awesome” is used to describe a video of a cat rolling on skates, a basketball shot from downtown, a toy that sings, or anything that we find funny, clever, or interesting! We’ve missed the point! When we say there is no other God like YHWH, we’re saying He is awesome, and that means He is holy, majestic, indescribable, and therefore inspires such awe in us that we are compelled to bow the knee! So here’s the definition of the word awesome: “an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder that is inspired by authority or by the sacred or sublime.” That’s what Moses touches on (Deuteronomy 4:32-43) in this week’s message. He calls on Israel to take note that there is none like God! He says such a God must be revered, be wondered at and worshiped, for there is nothing or no one like Him! You see, God is not only all-powerful and all-knowing, but He wields these characteristics to our good! He is not only loving, but He disciples us so that we grow up to become what we were made for! He is not only just, but He looks after those who need justice! A God like Him should be revered, worshiped, and loved, not just for what He does, but, more importantly, for who He is! How blessed are we if this God is our God!

Monday: God is awesome in power and wisdom. (Genesis18:14; 40:28, Job 37:16; Psalm 147:5; Isaiah 40:28)

Tuesday: God is awesome in love. (Deuteronomy 7:9; 1 John 4; Romans 5:8)

Wednesday: God is awesome in justice. (Deuteronomy10:17)

Thursday: God is awesome in holiness. (Exodus15:11; Psalm 99:9)

Friday: God is awesome in mercy. (Ephesians 2:4; Romans 5:8; Deuteronomy4:31; Psalm 103:8)

Saturday: God is awesome in unity. (Genesis 16, 18; Genesis 1:2; Judges6:34)

If we took into mind who God is, it would leave us in awe! There would be no rival to Him in our lives. If we knew God as He longs to be known, we would be filled with so much of Him that it would overflow into the world and change the world! There is truly no other God like our God, so may we embrace His authority over us, and live out of His fullness in us!

Striving with you,

Pastor Briant